ScotWind leasing round

ScotWind leasing round

ScotWind was the first round of offshore wind leasing round in Scottish waters for a decade. It resulted in 20 projects securing seabed option agreements.


Rapid Review

The Rapid Review was an evidence-based process undertaken in 2021 to help ensure ScotWind represented a competitive investment opportunity that would result in a strong pipeline of offshore wind projects.

Full details of the process can be found here.

Sequence of events

The application window for registered applicants opened in January 2021 and closed in July 2021.

Following evaluation of the bids, option agreements were offered to the successful parties  in January 2022 and confirmed as signed in April 2022.

The ScotWind leasing clearing process opened in April 2022 with Option Agreements being offered in August 2022 and confirmed as signed in November 2022.

Options awarded

Options were awarded to an initial 17 projects following the leasing process.

Full details can be found here.

A further three options were awarded following the completion of the clearing process.

Full details can be found here.

Reports and publications

A range of reports and publications relating to ScotWind are available through our resources page.

Media releases

A number of media releases and news stories were published over the life of the ScotWind project. These are listed below in chronological order:






Freedom of Information requests

A number of Freedom of Information requests were made about ScotWind during the project and following its conclusion.

Our responses to these requests can be found on this page.

Supply chain commitments

Initial supply chain commitments

Details of the initial Supply Chain Development Statements (SCDS) for each of the 20 successful projects can be accessed using the list below:

  1. Morven
  2. Ossian
  3. Bellrock
  4. Campion
  5. Muir Mhor
  6. Cluaran Deas Ear
  7. Cluaran Ear-Thuath
  8. Stromar
  9. Caledonia
  10. Broadshore
  11. Marram
  12. Buchan
  13. West of Orkney Windfarm
  14. Area 14
  15. Talisk
  16. Area 16
  17. MachairWind
  18. Area 18
  19. Arven Offshore Wind Farm
  20. Sealtainn

Supply chain commitments - 2023 update

Details of the updated Supply Chain Development Statements (SCDS) made by the successful projects during 2023 can be accessed using the list below:

What was ScotWind?

The ScotWind leasing process enabled developers to apply for seabed rights to plan and then build windfarms in Scottish waters.

As much as 28.6GW of new generating capacity will be built over the next decade as a result.

The term 'ScotWind’ is now used to refer to the leasing process that we carried out plus the projects that developers are progressing.

What are the benefits of ScotWind?

To prevent the most harmful climate change scenarios from coming true, we need to substantially reduce our carbon emissions.

Scotland’s target is to reach net zero emissions by 2045 – and if developers can generate up to 28.6GW of new, clean energy from ScotWind projects, it will make a big contribution to reaching that target.

Wind farm projects also offer opportunities for business: their construction, operation and maintenance could bring billions of pounds in investment and new jobs to Scotland.

As well as stimulating supply chain investment, creating jobs and producing lots of green energy, ScotWind developers pay Crown Estate Scotland for use of the seabed. In turn, we pass profits to Scottish Government for spending on services across Scotland.