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ScotWind Leasing Supply Chain Development

13 July 2023

The latest stage in the ScotWind Leasing process has been reached. The 17 initial projects - out of a total of 20 - have submitted updates to their Supply Chain Development Statements (SCDSs).

The SCDSs outline critical early-stage project information that can then be used to coordinate, support, and grow the supply chain in Scotland.

SCDSs are designed to provide a structure for project specific supply chain information to be communicated with government and industry, through the initial stages of project development, to deployment and into operations.

These updates record a slight change to the figure for anticipated average investment in Scotland. The previous figure of £1.4bn per project has been revised to £1.5bn per project. 

The next set of SCDS updates are due in 2026.

The remaining three ScotWind projects, which came through the Clearing process, are due to submit their first SCDS updates later this year. 

The current Outlook Statements are now available and can be viewed here

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