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Our role in offshore wind

Our role in offshore wind

We manage the Scottish Crown Estate on behalf of Scottish Ministers, including most of the seabed off Scotland’s coasts.

Our responsibilities include awarding and managing leases and other types of agreements to organisations who want to build offshore wind farms.

We typically award agreements by holding a leasing round which invites applications from developers, and then offering agreements to the best bids. Our two recent leasing rounds have been ScotWind and INTOG.

Developers work with other organisations such as Marine Scotland on planning and consenting. Projects will only progress to a full seabed lease once all these various planning stages have been completed. 

As well as awarding and managing agreements, we contribute to the success of offshore wind in Scotland by: 

  • supporting supply chain development 
  • supporting developers through the various stages of planning and construction 
  • collaborating on work to address environmental and technical issues 
  • working with industry to reduce costs and build investor confidence