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Clyde in the classroom

Clyde in the Classroom

We are proud funders of Clyde in the Classroom, a project that sees thousands of school children from across the River Clyde catchment raise and release brown trout into the river system.

The annual initiative provides learning opportunities across the curriculum as pupils monitor fish development, calculate what they need to keep them healthy and record their experiences. Having the responsibility of caring for the fish also inspires an interest in nature and the environment.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Clyde in the Classroom adapted to challenging conditions to ensure that, through a mix of in-classroom and online experiences, school children still had the opportunity to help raise brown trout, learn about their lifecycle and release them back into the wild.

Feedback from the schools involved suggests that the project meant a lot to the young people who took part - and who were otherwise limited in their opportunities during lockdown.

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We are proud to fund this unique educational project