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We make the most of Scotland’s seabed

Our leasing makes offshore renewable energy, finfish and shellfish farming possible - and we support the sustainable growth of these industries.

We enable the growth of Scotland's offshore wind

Our leasing rounds open the way for the next generation of windfarms in Scottish waters - and our team support them through development and into operation.

We give Scotland's aquaculture a home

Finfish farmers, shellfish farmers and seaweed harvesting businesses all number amongst our tenants.

We help people use and enjoy Scotland’s coast

From ports and harbours to local moorings, we offer the leases which allow business and leisure to thrive on the coast.

We invest in Scotland’s rural land

With tenants ranging from farmers to outdoor activity centres, and directly managing forestry, we support the activities that bring prosperity and wellbeing to Scotland's countryside.

We develop Scotland’s buildings and places

Working with partners across the country, we help to create great places for people to live, work and play.