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Crown Estate Scotland natural and physical resources like forests, agricultural land, the seabed and foreshore. When we make decisions, we take into account what effect they will have on these resources – and on the environment at large. 

We are working with Scottish Land & Estates and Scottish Wildlife Trust to trial the Natural Capital Protocol with our tenants’ land-based businesses at Glenlivet, and to promote the protocol more widely. 

We also consider the value delivered by non-financial capitals (our people, networks and relationships) and are developing a way of measuring this wider impact through our Value Project

We support projects which 

  • Inspire long term thinking across our portfolio (rural, marine, coastal, urban assets) and in the communities where we do business 

  • Generate lasting benefits for people, organisations and communities in Scotland by always considering the ‘bigger picture’ 

  • Enhance or protect our natural assets to promote the long-term health of our land 

  • Support the commercial activities of our business partners and tenants 

  • Work with partner organisations and community groups to develop skills and drive business growth 

The projects tend to fall into two areas: 


  • We encourage activities that protect and enhance the natural environment on which our tenants’ businesses depend. This includes work such as ecosystem restoration, conserving Scottish wildlife, and responsibly managing land, freshwater, marine and coastal habitats. 


  • Much of the property we look after and the businesses on which we depend for our income in Scotland are in remote and isolated communities. We want to support these communities in staying economically and socially viable so they can continue to attract investment, grow businesses through innovating and diversifying, and attract new people. 

For further information on our reporting and sustainability please contact