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Wave and Tidal

Wave and tidal

Scotland has some of the best tidal and wave power resources in the world – and the opportunity to play a leading role in the development of these technologies. 

How it works 

Wave energy is generated by capturing energy from the motion of waves at sea.

A variety of different device designs are currently in use or development, which use different systems to produce power.

Tidal power is generated by capturing energy from the movement of the tide as it ebbs and flows. 

Devices, like tidal turbines are placed in the ocean. At high tide, water is pushed through the turbines; at low tide, water is pulled through the turbines in the opposite direction. Both of these movements turn the turbine’s blades and generate electricity. 

How we contribute 

Crown Estate Scotland is helping to develop the industry, working closely with companies, government and communities. Our work includes: 

  • bringing new development opportunities to market by leasing areas of the seabed and managing the associated seabed rights 
  • funding research and technical studies to support sector growth (e.g. ORJIP Ocean Energy
  • investment in ground-breaking projects such as the MeyGen tidal power development in the Pentland Firth, the first commercial scale tidal stream array in the world.

Current leasing opportunities 

In Scotland we have world class test and demonstration facilities which enable technology developers to install single or multiple machines in a variety of site conditions.

To complement these, we offer the opportunity to access seabed for wave and tidal current projects of up to 30 MW. Applications can be made at any time until further notice. 

General queries about this process as well as requests for application packs should be sent to