In 2019, we began work on the Value Project – an effort to understand the wider value created by the assets and our activities, beyond the purely financial returns of our work.

To learn more about the project, read on below.

What is it?

The Value Project was a research project which aimed to help us understand:

  • how we were creating value through the assets and our activities
  • how the different types of value could be quantified
  • where there was potential to generate more value than we currently do

Out of the research, we identified five categories of ‘wider value’ - economic, social, environmental, climate change and regeneration – which go beyond the more traditional metrics of revenue and profit.

Why is it important?

When we are able to take a broader view of decisions than just the kind of financial return they will generate, we can potentially take steps that do more good for Scotland as a whole.

For example, we can agree leases for less than the market value if the applicants can show that doing so will deliver wider benefits to local communities. More detail is available in our Less than Market Value (LMV) policy.

We are now building considerations of ‘wider value’ into our decision making, so that future agreements and investments will take the big picture into account.

What are the Asset Profiles?

The Asset Profiles are a set of twenty documents which provide an overview of our different asset classes, the ways they deliver value, and the potential to increase that value over time.

The current set of profiles were revised in November 2022. At that time, we made changes to:

  • section 1 - asset summary (summary, map, asset info & financial info)
  • section 4 - potential for wider value (opportunities & threats only)
  • section 5 - benefits delivered by Crown Estate Scotland (examples of our activities only)

To view them, please see the Asset Profiles section of this page.