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Montrose ZeroFour

Visualisation of the completed site - Aerial view
Visualisation of the completed site - Aerial view

In June 2020, we completed the purchase of ‘ZeroFour’, a 123 acre commercial development site near Montrose, Angus.  

Historically, the site was the first operational RAF training airfield in the UK, with the ZeroFour name emerging from the original runway call sign 04 22. 

Located within 35 miles of both Aberdeen and Dundee, the site has strong potential for supporting the development of key sectors such as offshore renewables.  

Our vision  

The development of ZeroFour is geared towards supporting clean, green economic growth in Angus, providing a catalyst for business where required.  

It has planning permission in principle for a mixed use business park, and we hope to expand on this to create a hub for the blue economy, adding additional planning classes to give a final portfolio including:  

  • industrial units, warehousing and start-up units;  

  • offices;  

  • training facilities; 

  • research and development space; 

  • supporting ancillary services; 

  • a drone port/training centre; and  

  • hotel, leisure & conference facilities. 

We will consider and potentially support any use that enables economic growth within our strategic objectives. 

This purchase forms part of our long-term plans to invest in renewable energy and the expansion of the blue economy, in line with our strategic aim of investing £70m across Scotland throughout our 2020-23 Corporate Plan period.