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We buy a wide range of supplies, services and works to help us to ensure that our assets are enjoyed and developed sustainably to deliver benefits to Scotland and its communities. 

In addition, we commission targeted research to inform and, where appropriate, facilitate future development on land under Crown Estate Scotland management.

How We Buy

We have an established procurement policy to ensure we deliver best value from our own procurement activities. To achieve this we make use of contracts, frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems established by Central Purchasing Bodies including Scottish GovernmentScotland Excel and Crown Commercial Services.

We want to ensure Crown Estate Scotland’s procurement opportunities are available to our communities, SMEs, third sector organisations, social enterprises, supported businesses and micro-enterprises whilst delivering best value. We therefore use the Scottish Government’s Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) advertising portal for all Crown-Estate-Scotland-specific procurement opportunities above £10K, including (where carried out on behalf of Crown Estate Scotland) those from our Managing Agents.


  • support the Supplier Development Programme by participating in 'meet the buyer' events 
  • promote workshops and training opportunities to our own suppliers and service providers directly 
  • promote similar opportunities, via our Managing Agents, to their suppliers and service providers when they procure supplies, services or works on our behalf

Compliance with procurement legislation and statutory guidance is encapsulated within the Crown Estate Scotland Procurement Policy (approved in May 2022) which is aligned to the best practices of the Scottish Government’s Procurement Journey. By following this policy, we ensure that all procurement activity is consistently carried out in a manner which is fair, open and transparent and supports the delivery of our Procurement Strategy.

Crown Estate Scotland’s Procurement Strategy 2020-2023 was approved in November 2021 and reflects our approach to how Procurement will support our Aims, Objectives and Key Priorities.

Current Contracts and Future Opportunities

Crown Estate Scotland’s current and future requirements are advertised on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) where it is free for potential suppliers to register and receive information on all public sector contract opportunities in Scotland. 

In addition, we have a Contracts Register where you can find information on our current contracts and their expected end date. This can be used to help plan when requirements may arise, however registering on the PCS website is the best way to stay informed of these opportunities.

Standard Terms and Conditions

Suppliers and Service Providers must be prepared to agree to our standard conditions of contract which will be formalised in any letter of engagement. These are based on standard model terms used by Scottish Government and many public sector organisations in Scotland.

The most common terms and conditions can be found in the Downloads section.