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ScotWind Leasing: registration closed, clarifications now published

Registration for ScotWind Leasing closed on 5th August. Since launching on 10th June, we have received over 800 requests for clarifications on the leasing documents and a healthy level of interest overall. We provided our Clarifications Vol 1 document on 24th June on the ScotWind online application portal, with Clarifications Vol 2 provided today.

This confirms the significant interest in offshore wind leasing in Scottish waters, and we thank all developers and stakeholders for their positive engagement since launch.

The next step in ScotWind Leasing is the publication of our Post adoption Addendum, which will follow the adoption of Marine Scotland’s draft Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy (SMP).

The ScotWind Leasing Team can be contacted at or via the messaging feature on the ScotWind online application portal.