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ScotWind leasing - update on timescales and next steps

In November 2018 we published an update on leasing design and potential timescales, reiterating that final timing of the launch of our leasing round is linked to Marine Scotland’s timings for preparation of a Sectoral Marine Plan.

 To begin to provide certainty to potential applicants we said in November that the earliest timeline for our leasing was for it to be launched in April 2019. 


Our updated position is that we will not launch our leasing prior to July 2019.

On the assumptions that: our leasing is launched in July 2019; we allow six months for preparation of applications; and that the adopted Plan is available around nine months after that, the dates for the various steps would be as follows:

Earliest timeline

Crown Estate Scotland Leasing Launched - July 2019

Deadline for applications to Crown Estate Scotland - January 2020

Offer of option agreements to successful applicants - April 2020

Commencement of Clearing - April 2020

Offer of option agreements through Clearing - September 2020

Earliest commencement of second cycle of leasing - July 2021

Please note that the above is the earliest timeline for our leasing, with the actual timeline possibly being later.

Next steps

We will give a further update on our intended timings in April 2019, and as appropriate thereafter. 

In the April 2019 update we will set out further information which may be helpful to those considering applying to ScotWind Leasing, indicating the type and level of information we might expect in applications, and setting out further detail in any other areas where we can usefully add clarity in advance of launching the leasing.

If you have any queries please email