ScotWind Leasing Update

ScotWind Leasing Update

29 November 2019

Crown Estate Scotland has today published the following update on the ScotWind Leasing process:


In September 2019 we reiterated our commitment to align timescales for ScotWind Leasing with Marine Scotland’s Sectoral Marine Planning process. We also announced that the submission window for applications to ScotWind Leasing will close after the Sectoral Marine Plan (SMP) is finalised and adopted.

We can confirm our intended timings for ScotWind Leasing have not changed since our September 2019 update:

  • ScotWind Leasing launched following publication of Marine Scotland’s Draft SMP.
  • Applicants to complete registration shortly after launch.
  • Closing date for applications will be at least one month after the Adopted SMP is available, and we will ensure our final timeline allows sufficient time for applications to be prepared in light of the degree of material change following SMP consultation and finalisation.
  • Second cycle of leasing launched approximately two years after completion of the first cycle.

In addition to SMP considerations, ScotWind Leasing timescales must also account for the work that is ongoing to explore how new leasing can support the sustainability of offshore wind development in Scotland. A final position on this will be in place before we launch ScotWind Leasing.

We will provide a further update on progress of this ongoing work and on ScotWind Leasing timings early in the new year.

Launch details

At launch, final leasing documentation will be made available on the ScotWind Leasing online platform. This link will bring you to the ScotWind Leasing homepage that will go live on the launch date.

Please note the online application platform cannot be fully accessed before launch.

Engagement opportunities

We will be hosting two engagement events after the launch of ScotWind Leasing; one in Edinburgh and one in London. These events will take place at least two weeks after launch to allow potential applicants enough time to review the final leasing documentation prior to attending the event. These events will provide opportunity for those interested in applying to ScotWind Leasing to hear about key elements of the leasing application process from those involved in designing them. We will also offer a chance to ask questions or seek clarifications about the final leasing documents.

For those not able to attend either event in person, we will ensure anonymised summaries of each event are published on the Crown Estate Scotland website.

Details on how to register for these events and further information on dates and locations will be provided in our next update.

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