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REF 5 - Number of seals killed at salmon farm sites


1.       List of all RSPCA Assured/Freedom Food salmon farms killing seals since 1 January 2016 (including number of seals killed)

2.       Detail the percentage of seals shot by RSPCA Assured/Freedom Food salmon farms in 2016

3.       Provide any data analysis, number-crunching exercises and review papers detailing seals killed at RSPCA Assured/Freedom Food sites

4.       Provide any information (e.g emails, letters, discussion papers, etc) regarding the definition of ‘last resort’?

5.       Provide any information (e.g emails and letters) regarding discussions with retailers (e.g Sainsbury’s and Waitrose), lobby groups (e.g SSPO) and salmon fishing companies (eg. Loch Duart)

6.       Provide copies of any minutes, discussion papers and documents circulated prior to and following meetings of the Salmon Aquaculture & Seals Working Group

7.       Provide any information (e.g emails, letters, discussion papers, etc) regarding anti-predator nets



Exemption 39(2) from Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 applied.

1.       Not information we hold nor ask for from our tenants

2.       Crown Estate Scotland (IM) does not collect this data

3.       Crown Estate Scotland (IM) does not collect or manage this data, but there is reference to this within the emails and documents provided

4.-7.   See attached - is a series of SASWG minutes and email correspondence related to your request.  There are two redactions which is information provided voluntarily and they have not consented for its disclosure.  Therefore, it was redacted under exception 10(5)(f) under Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.  It is in the interest of the public to allow the space for the working group to discuss issues open and frankly.  Without maintaining a sense of confidentiality, when appropriate, would result in a reluctance to share information and key members leaving the working group and thus not achieving the objective – reducing the shooting of seals.  Also redacted under 11(2) Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 is any personal data.