Wind farm components arrive at Port of Nigg. Credit: Global Energy Group

2025-2030 Corporate Plan

Under our current corporate plan, launched in 2020, we’ve generated lasting financial and non-financial value for Scotland. This had included:

  • two major offshore wind leasing rounds
  • launching our Sustainable Communities Fund, delivering grants of £970,000
  • a range of projects to involve people in how land, seabed and coast are managed and sustainably manage natural resources
  • generating more than £130m for Scottish public spending

We’re now planning how we can deliver even more for Scotland from 2025 to 2030 and beyond.

To inform that planning, over the last two years we’ve asked a wide range of stakeholders what they think the biggest opportunities and challenges are for us.  

Emerging themes

This document reflects that research and debate, setting out the emerging themes that will help form the basis of our 2025-30 Corporate Plan (‘the plan’) including a long-term vision for the organisation out to 2050. 

Those emerging themes are:

  • long-term sustainable stewardship of the Estate and the business
  • new market opportunities 
  • community wealth-building
  • protecting climate
  • restoring nature

Further preparation

Other work underway to prepare for the plan includes developing

  • a 10+ Year Portfolio Model
  • an approach to how we develop our team, our tenant service, and our organisation
  • a new performance framework encompassing KPIs and targets
  • an investment and growth strategy
  • statutory assessments


We’re now inviting feedback in advance of preparing a draft plan for consultation in 2024. If you would like to share your thoughts on the emerging shape of our corporate plan, please complete this short survey.