Stuart Graham, our Farming Tenant at Uppercleuch Farm, herds a flock of sheep from his quadbike

Tenant feedback summaries

30 November 2023

Crown Estate Scotland regularly seeks feedback from tenants on what we are doing well and opportunities for improvement, as well as critical issues impacting their business and sector. Summaries of the latest surveys have now been published.

We survey tenants on a rolling basis, engaging with different tenant groups approximately once every three years. Surveys ask a range of questions the results of which are compiled in reports - the most recent of which you can read below:  

Some of the key themes which emerged from the surveys were:

  • feedback from aquaculture tenants across all survey themes was very positive
  • there were high levels of brand advocacy amongst agricultural tenants, with improving levels of satisfaction on value for money and managing agents’ service 
  • sentiment has declined amongst coastal tenants 
  • the least positive views were from residential tenants

We will now consider:

  • how to improve the way we communicate with some groups of our tenants  
  • how to better understand some tenants' needs 
  • the best way to provide a consistent explanation of how rents are set  

We will work with tenant groups to address the findings of the surveys and would like to thank all tenants who responded.  


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