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REF 9 - Heritable title to salmon fishings


1.       Please could you produce a more detailed plan which clearly identifies those boundaries (Foreshore – mean high water and mean low water)

2.       Please can you confirm whether any additional rights have purported to have been granted at or around the beach area where the blue shaded area is shown bordered on the most                   western side by the foreshore, including above the highwater tide mark of the ordinary spring tide


Exemption 39(2) from Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 applied.

1.       Please see attached detailed map showing the foreshore area in Annex 2

2.       The Designated Area (over which rights have been granted to Aberdeen Offshore Wind Ltd in their Lease) shown in blue in Annex 1 and in yellow in Annex 2 includes the foreshore.  The             blue area is therefore not bordered by the foreshore as it includes it but rather is bordered by MHW.  We have only granted rights in the Lease over the foreshore area as the land above           High Water tide mark of the ordinary spring tide does not form part of the Crown Estate so we are unable to grant rights over it.