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REF 77 - Torphin Road House


If a disused bungalow at 30 Torphin Road, Colinton, Edinburgh is owned by the crown estate. The address "30 Torphin Road" does not exist at the Scottish land registry and I have been unable to find out who owns this abandoned property. It lies at the edge of Torphin Road next to the bridge over Edinburgh bypass on the north side (adjacent to 28 Torphin Road). Local knowledge has told me it was part of land acquisitioned when the bypass was originally built, which wasn't able to achieve a resale at the time. However, I have been unable to establish an ownership


Crown Estate Scotland do not own this property. Furthermore, we do not manage the property on behalf of a 3rd party. I have however done some investigation. I agree with your findings; when using the land registry website, the closest registered address was No28 Torphin Road. My suggestion would be to now engage with the “Queens and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer”. The Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer (“QLTR”) is the Crown’s representative in Scotland who deals with ownerless property, known as “bona vacantia”. The website is and the telephone number is 0300 0203512. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.