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REF 69 - Holyrood Palace cleaning

20 December 2018


Here are the questions I have about Holyrood Palace:

1. How many glass panels (i.e. windows – internal and external -- that need cleaning regularly) are there in the building?

2. If you were to take out all of the glass panels and put them side-by-side, how big would the combined total be – in square feet (or metres)?

3. What is the window cleaning company currently employed that carries out the cleaning?

4. What size is the physical building (height and total floor space in square feet or metres)?

5. How much does it cost to clean all of the glass panels the building has? A preferable answer would be an annual cost, but if the cleaning isn’t every year, then how much every effort costs would be appreciated.

6. How often are the glass panels cleaned, and on average, how long does this take and how many cleaners are needed?

7. Are there any special hazards the cleaners need to be aware of when cleaning the glass panels of the building? Or specific instructions that may be of interest that are unique to it? (For example, are there specific cleaning agents that need to be used, or others that cannot be used, or things that must be done for health and safety reasons.)

8. How much is spent on cleaning the building altogether in a given year? (This does not have to be solely about cleaning glass panels or windows). 

9. Who pays for the cleaning? (i.e. taxpayer or private expenses)


Unfortunately, we cannot assist in this enquiry as our offices are not situated at Holyrood. Please see the following link for Crown Estate Scotland office addresses.

If we can assist any further, please do get in touch.

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