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REF 56 - Breaches of planning permission for salmon farms

17 October 2018


1. provide information on breaches of planning permission/conditions for salmon farms.

As context, information obtained from Argyll & Bute Council via FOI on 12 October 2018 suggests that Marine Harvest's salmon farm at Carradale may have breached condition 2 of planning permission 15/00127/MFF at Carradale North:

2. Please provide documentation in relation to breaches of planning permission/conditions for the above salmon farm.

3. And please provide basic information in relation to breaches of planning permission/conditions at any other salmon farms since 2010.

For example, list the salmon farm, license number, location and summarize the breach


Breaches of planning permission are a matter for the authority tasked under the legislation, usually the Local Planning Authority that granted the planning permission in question. Crown Estate Scotland have no statutory remit with regards to planning permissions and are not necessarily made aware of breaches. As such we hold no such information.

A general enquiry was raised by Crown Estate Scotland regarding the mentioned site, however this was simply to check the required measures in relation to a project we were conducting elsewhere. I have included this in case it may be of any use, personal information has been removed (11)(2) - Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004

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