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REF 52 - Regulations for angling clubs

17 September 2018


1. What regulations do the Crown Estate put on Angling clubs before the granting of licenses/leases? 

2. Do Angling Clubs then have to show that these regulations are being followed on a regular basis?

3. Is there ever a review carried out on an Angling Club to ensure that they are following these regulations? 

4. Are there ever an action which an angling club could take to lead to a revocation of their licence?


1. It is important to first understand that Crown Estate Scotland act as landlords and not regulators. The requirements placed on fishing tenants are set out in the standard salmon fishing lease which we have included a copy of

2. Due to the above if any allegations are made that for example suggest the terms of the lease have or are being broken then before we would take any action we would want those allegations to be investigated by the relevant authority i.e. Police, SEPA, SNH etc. There is no requirement to evidence compliance with the lease at regular intervals

3. A Landlord will consider, at lease renewal time, if they feel that renewal is appropriate. This is the principle moment of review. The normal course of action is to offer existing tenants first refusal to renew, this is particularly important with clubs and associations as it provides continuity to their membership as they offer low cost fishing to a wide range of people. If we do receive complaints during the currency of a lease we follow these up. It is not unusual to find that the dispute is between individuals or an individual and the current committee appointed by the membership

4. Yes. If a tenant has committed a serious breach of the lease terms, we could terminate or refuse to renew the lease.

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