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REF 47 - Fishing licences

20 August 2020


1. Are the Crown Estate responsible for the distribution of these licenses to angling clubs?

2. If so do these clubs have accountability to yourselves? 

3. If not would you know of any other body which would be responsible for the distribution of these licenses?


The rights to fish for salmon and fish of the salmon kind (salmon and sea trout) in Scotland are under Crown ownership unless subject of a separate grant to a third party. Across the country Crown Estate Scotland manages these rights to fish for salmon and sea trout through the issuing of leases. There are currently three leases granted by Crown Estate Scotland on the Gryffe water to Bridge of Weir Angling club, Paisley Abercorn Angling Club and Strathgryffe Angling Association. We have evidenced these on the attached Map

I can confirm that our standard Salmon Fishing Lease includes a Clause 5 which gives the Tenant the right to grant Permits to individuals. See the detail of clause 5 below;


Notwithstanding the exclusion of sub-tenants and assignees the Tenant shall, with the Consent of the Landlord, have the right to grant Permits only to individuals (which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall exclude all groups of individuals) to fish by rod and line within the bounds of the Fishings but subject to such regulations, recommendations, rules and conditions as may from time to time be laid down by the Landlord, the District Salmon Fishery Board, by any fishing improvement association or other recognised body concerned with the regulation of the Fishings; BUT DECLARING that

(i) Permits shall be refused or may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Landlord or the Tenant or any officials appointed by them and acting on their behalf;

(ii) Permits will not be granted to persons convicted of offences under the Salmon Acts or the Wildlife Acts or to those whom the Landlord believe to be unsuitable;

(iii) the Landlord and the Tenant shall not be required to give reasons for such refusal or withdrawal.

There are also some stretches on the Gryffe water where the salmon fishing rights are privately owned and managed, we do not have information on how they are operated. The angling associations may lease these rights from the private owners.

Tenants who may hold a lease are accountable to that lease and to the terms set by Crown Estate Scotland. If the Tenant in question chooses to provide individuals with fishing rights then those individuals are accountable to the lease holder

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