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REF: 237 - FOI, SAR and redaction statistics


  1. How many DSAR requests did you receive in 2022
  2. How many FOI requests did you receive in 2022
  3. Do you have a redaction policy in place?
  4. If your answer to Question 3 is a YES, can you share your redaction policy?
  5. What tools do you use to undertake redaction?
  6. What tools do you use to undertake email de-duplication?
  7. What tools do you use to undertake file de-duplication?
  8. How much has the organisation spent on redaction tools such as licensing in the last 12 months?
  9. What file conversion tools do you use?
  10. How many persons are redacting in the information governance team?
  11. What company or 3rd party do you use for redaction?
  12. How many departments are involved in redacting information?
  13. Has your organisation received a data breach fine in the last 5 years?
  14. If Question number 8 is a yes, please tell me how much the organisation was fined.
  15. Have the information governance team recruited in the last 12 months?
  16. If Question number 12 is a yes, please tell me how many person(s) were recruited?
  17. Does the information governance team have a budget to spend on tools to help them convert and redact documents?
  18. How much has your organisation spent on managing DSARs in the last 12 months? (this money spent on tools, pens, scalpels and staff)


  1. 0
  2. 44
  3. Crown Estate Scotland does not have a redaction policy. We redact documents where the information would fall under an exception/exemption under FOISA and Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations (EIRS); and personal data as defined under GDPR.
  4. N/A
  5. Crown Estate Scotland utilise the built-in redaction function in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  6. Crown Estate Scotland uses Microsoft eDiscovery for searching for information (including emails and files) for responding to information requests and this tool has a built-in option to filter out email duplications and file duplications. Other than that, no other tools are utilised, and an element of end user ‘sifting’ is required.
  7. See answer in 6
  8. £280 – Adobe Acrobat Pro licences for two members of staff in the Governance Team. A total of 12 members of the staff across the organisation have the Adobe Acrobat Pro licence (total cost of £1,700/year) but this tool is used for many other features, not just redactions.
  9. Crown Estate Scotland uses Adobe and any built-in Microsoft capabilities for converting files (Word documents into .pdf files, vice versa).
  10. 2
  11. None
  12. The governance team (1 department) leads in redactions with regards to FOISA, EIRS and Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR). However, colleagues who have licences to Adobe Acrobat Pro would have access to redaction tools, so those licence holders could redact information. That information is not monitored or collected.
  13. No
  14. N/A – as Crown Estate Scotland has not received a data breach fine. In the request, this question links to question ‘8’; we believe that was done in error, and we’re assuming what was meant was question ‘13’. If this is not the case, please contact us at and use our given reference.
  15. Currently recruiting for a Corporate Operations Coordinator who will be managed bythe Governance Manager. At the time of this request, the position has not beenfilled; and no other Governance recruitment was conducted within the last 12months.
  16. The position has not yet been recruited for, but it will be one full-time position
  17. No
  18. £0