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Ref: 185 - Labour Research Dept


1) The names of the unions which are signatories to your main collective agreement covering pay and conditions? 

2) The number of employees covered by the agreement. 

3) For your 2021/22 pay agreement, were the key features of the Scottish Sector pay policy applied as listed below (see )

4)  Were there any variations made to the key features of the policy? 

5) What percentage consolidated pay increase was applied to the lowest rate of pay (excluding apprentice rates or rates for staff aged under 18)? 

6) What percentage consolidated pay increase did the majority of staff receive (ie. if a majority of staff received the same percentage increase, what was that increase)? 

7) Were any changes made to pay rates to address clearly evidenced equality or pay coherence issues in existing pay and grading structures? 


  1. The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS). 

  2. All Employees within Crown Estate Scotland. 

  3. Yes, local negotiations are still ongoing but the interim pay award has been applied. 

  4. No. 

  5. We applied Scottish Government Pay Policy, so a cash underpin of £800 or 2% depending on their level of pay. 

  6. £800 underpin <£25,000 x6 / 9% 

2% increase x 12 / 22% 

1% x 32 / 59% 

7. No.