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REF: 160 - Invitation to Tender - Feasibility study on repurpose of oil and gas infrastructure


1. Please provide a copy of the Tender Assessment Report for this procurement which evaluates each of the bidders against the scoring criteria contained within the invitation to tender.

2. Please provide a copy of the contract between Crown Estate Scotland and Vysus


1. An anonymised version of the tender assessment report is enclosed (Anonymised scoring and comments summary.pdf). The bidder’s company names have been anonymised and will not be disclosed under exception 10(5)(e) – Confidentiality of commercial or industrial information under EIRs. We plan on hosting similar invitations to tender in the next budget year for similar projects that would likely result in the same companies bidding. If this information were to go into the public domain, it would undermine the competitive processand our ability to get best value for money. In addition, each company has unique selling points and had investments made for reporting in this bid. If disclosed they would no longer be able to rely on using that information again for future bids on similar projects; thus, financially affecting the bidders and it would no longer be a fair tendering process.The award notice which contains the invitation to tender documents as well as the agreed cost of this study is published here:

2. Enclosed is a copy of the contract (20201223_Vysus and Crown Estate Scotland_Redacted.pdf). The redactions in ‘Red’ are personal data as defined under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and disclosure would contravene the first two principals of the regulation. Appendix B – ‘The Consultancy Proposal’ has been removed from the document and will not be disclosed at this time under exception 10(5)(e) – confidentiality of commercial or industrial information under EIRs. This part of the contract sets out the agreed process on how the company will meet the set criteria as part of the invitation to tender. It is in the public interest that such information remains confidential as it could undermine Vysus process and resulting in the feasibility study not being successful. As well as, negatively influencing future tendering bids and processes for similar pieces of work which will be commissioned in the near future.