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REF: 155 - Lease RC2-73-34

25 November 2020


1. Part I, section 1 & 2 state that Kishorn Port Ltd shall provide information of the nature, type, duration and location of any proposed moorings/anchorages. I would like to see the document that gives such details of the anchor array for the FPSO Petrojarl Banff which was laid by the Skandi Hera in August 2020.

2. Part II, section 1.3 states that Kishorn Port Ltd shall provide, prior to quarter day, a certificate detailing the number of moorings and number of days anchorage for the quarter. I would like to see this certificate for this quarter day, (November 2020).


Please refer to the enclosed documents:

  • Working_A6819_Kishorn_MBES_rv1 Layout3.pdf
  • Notice to Mariners – Kishorn Port – Mooring Ops 210820 – 190920.pdf
  • Anchorage of the Banff 2020_Redacted.pdf

The redactions in ‘red’ are personal information as defined in General Data Protection Regulations; therefore, exception 11(2) under EIRs is applied. The redaction in ‘black’ is information that is outside the scope of what is being requested. The Notice to Mariners are publicly available by way of the UK Hydrographic office:

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