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REF: 139 - Cadastral records of foreshore and seabed

27 August 2020


How Crown Estate Scotland keeps cadastral records of ownership (plus rights) of the foreshore and seabed?

How researchers can gain access to such information to a) identify the ownership parcels in any given place b) develop an understanding of the overall pattern/areal extend of private ownership.


Our spatial records that show our assets, are maintained through an internal Geographic Information System. Our organisation is undergoing a voluntary Land Registration project with Registers of Scotland, for title registration of foreshore, seabed and land. All successful registrations are publicly searchable through Registers of Scotland ( -scotland - fees apply for title sheets).

Currently this information is not available for general public consumption. We do periodically publish shape files on our website (e.g. Aquaculture and Energy & Infrastructure spatial data; however, these are only showing our live agreements).

If there are areas of interest, we can supply requesters with maps of the foreshore showing presumed Crown and Non-Crown.

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