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REF: 138 - Shooting Rights

17 August 2020


1. Advise which shooting associations and syndicates lease which arrangements of which parts of the four rural estates owned by Crown Estate Scotland.
2. How much does each pay annually
3. Whether the lease is for birds and/or deer
4. If birds, which birds
5. Which parts of the year for each case
6. How many gamekeepers are employed on each of the four estates
7. What are the total annual costs before income of each estate as regards shooting rights


1. Please refer to the associated For Your Information maps for each estate, which shows the extent for each sporting agreement. Tenant names cannot be provided as this is considered personal data under Data Protection legislation and disclosing such information would breach the first two Principles of the General Data Protection Regulations. Therefore, all personal information has been withheld under exception 11(2) of EIRs.

2. The table shows the rent amounts as set within each agreement. Rent is paid annually, however not in a calendar year, but based on when the agreement commenced. There are two agreements in Glenlivet (indicated with an asterisk) which also include fishing, we do not separate these two figures between sporting and fishing.

3. See table.

4. See table.

5. All rights are let for a full year rather than seasons. Lease terms are subject to legislation governing protection of game (examples include but not limited to: Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011, Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004). The tenant must comply with all legislation affecting the leased activities.

6. Exemption 10(4)(a) under EIRs - Information not held. Crown Estate Scotland does not employ gamekeeping staff, those rights are let out in the agreement; therefore, the tenant would have that information.

7. Exemption 10(4)(a) under EIRs - Information not held. As indicated above, Crown Estate Scotland does not employ gamekeeping staff. Our fees are the annual rental fee (listed in above table) as part of the lease; and a management fee, which is arranged by estate and not by each tenancy.

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