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REF: 136 - Seaweed collection and foreshore in Orkney


Crown Estates Scotland attitude to seaweed collection for personal use the same as England’s Crown Estates (ie. acceptable to collect stormcast seaweed without permission if it is for personal non-commercial use?).

Supply a map showing Crown Estate Scotland’s foreshore holdings in Orkney.


For your first query, please refer to our website.

In summary, hand harvesting of seaweed for any form of monetary or other reward from Crown foreshore or seabed in Scotland requires a licence. Collection for personal use does not require a licence for small quantities appropriate to personal use. We do recommend anyone doing so take account of environmental sensitivity of collecting anything from the wild.

For the second part of your query, we have enclosed a For Your Information map. The green areas on the map show areas of the foreshore that is not managed by Crown Estate Scotland.