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REF: 127 - Copies of Aquaculture Leases in Shetland area

11 May 2020


Copies of lease agreements for the following Aquaculture sites (SH-88-17, SH-88-16, SH-23, and SH-88-24). The key bit of information is the date when an agreement started and/or the date when any changes to the boundary were made.


Enclosed are copies of all the leases requested, the commence date is indicated in the text of the agreement; as well as spatial plans. Agreements SH-88-17 and SH-88-16 have additional history; whereby the initial agreement was terminated, and a new agreement put into place.  The redactions on all the documents are relating to personal data; therefore, exception 11(2) under EIRs is applied. It is in the public interest that Crown Estate Scotland abide by governing legislation (General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018) and not disclose personal data without legal basis.

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