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REF: 126 Request and Review

11 May 2020


ScotLIS have informed me that their search of the Sasine Register reveals that Sasine Search Sheet (Dumbarton) 7160 shows that Crown Estate Scotland currently own of part of this Sasine title.  Please let me know, by way of a plan, the parts of that road which are in Crown Estate Scotland ownership


According to our records and Geographic Information System, we have no information (Section 17 under FOISA) to owning land in the area of Church Road, Gartocharn, Alexandria.  Therefore, we cannot supply you with a plan.  Possible reasons could be incorrect ownership input with land registration, for example it is the Crown Office, Church of Scotland Commissioners, or Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer (QLTR).  Perhaps requesting a title sheet from Registers of Scotland may assist.

Request for Review:

I am writing to request an internal review of Crown Estate Scotland's handling of my FOI request 'Proprietorship of the solum of Church Road , Gartocharn, Alexandria.'

I have contacted the proprietors of a part of Church Road abutting the part which was the subject of my original FOI request, and they have stated that they purchased it from the Crown Estates Scotland, which leads me to believe that Crown Estates Scotland currently owns the part of the road in question.


In your original request, dated 10 May 2020, you asked us to let you know the parts of Church Road, Gartocharn, Alexandria which are in Crown Estate Scotland ownership.  In our response of 19 May 2020 we advised that the information requested was not held and that Crown Estate Scotland did not own land in that location.

Our response was based on a search of our digital records, including our Geographic Information System.  We have no records of Crown Estate Scotland ownership of land in Church Road, Gartocharn, Alexandria.

I note that in your request for a review you advise that you have contacted proprietors of land adjacent to Church Road and that they have “stated that they purchased it from the Crown Estates Scotland”.  Crown Estate Scotland commenced operation on 1 April 2017 and we have searched our records to see if we have information of a sale of land in the vicinity.  We do not hold any information in our records in relation to such a sale.

Our response remains that we do not hold the information you are requesting.

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