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REF: 113 - Intertidal land in Crown Estate Scotland's ownership for Orkney

09 January 2020


Map showing Crown Estate Scotland’s ownership of intertidal land for Orkney


Crown Estate Scotland is in the midst of a Land Registration project. We are working with Registers of Scotland and solicitors for title registration of foreshore, seabed and land. This task is still ongoing, and we have not completed Orkney. Therefore, a map of Orkney showing Crown foreshore would be inaccurate and incomplete. We are applying exception 10(4)(d) under EIRs because the material requested is in the course of completion. It is in the public interest that we provide as accurate information as possible and the process of Land Registration is aimed to achieve this. If we disclose information that is yet to be complete and accuracy verified it would be misleading as to foreshore title.

We anticipate foreshore land registration for Orkney to be completed in the first half of this year.

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