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REF: 112- Fishing Rights - Request and Review


1.  How the rights that you hold and are leased to your tenant interact with the other fishingrights held by riparian land owners along the same stretches of river
2.  Confirm, or advise otherwise, that the rights leased out solely relate to fishing for salmon and no other species?


Crown Estate Scotland hold fishing rights on various stretches of the River Clyde and the tributaries of the River Clyde for salmon and fish of the salmon kind. These are held as a separate heritable right to the Riparian interest. Crown Estate Scotland’s interest allows the holder of a Crown Estate Scotland salmon lease to fish for salmon and all other species of fish. The riparian owner can fish themselves for brown trout and can also let their brown trout fishing.

I refer to your request for a review of our response to your information request dated 12 January 2020, received by us on 13 January 2020. You have requested a review on the basis that you are dissatisfied that Crown Estate Scotland failed to respond to the initial request (received 1 November 2019)within the obligated time frame under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002(‘FOISA’).

Having undertaken the review, we have failed to comply with section 10(1) of FOISA. We apologise for this oversight. I have reviewed our procedures and your initial request received in November was considered a business as usual request because it was considered to be simple and straight forward, could be answered within the 20 working days. Therefore, the request wasn’t thoroughly tracked for time as more formal requests that are considered to fall under FOISA. As a result, the initial request wasn’t answered.