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REF: 108 - Employee Survey

18 November 2019


1.What is your annual employee survey/staff listening budget? 
2.Who is/are your current employee survey provider(s)? 
3.How long was the current contact for this solution, and when does your contract expire? 
4.Does the provider provide other surveying for the organisation e.g. customer satisfactionsurveys? If yes, do they provider provide other surveying under the same contract? 
5.Which individual or team is responsible for the contract? And what team do they work in?


1.£3,500 for 2019-2020 financial year 
2.Research Resource ( 
3.Given the value of this assignment, the work was placed on an ad-hoc basis in line withcurrent Crown Estate Scotland Procurement Policy. The work is now complete. 
4.Research Resource also supply Crown Estate Scotland with our tenant satisfaction survey,which has a contract in place. Research Resource was appointed to supply our tenant surveyin July 2018 and the contract is for 3 years. 
5.Esther Black – Director of Corporate Operations

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