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REF: 106 - Granting of Achnacroish Fish Farm

07 October 2019


1. Provide a copy of the original application received in respect to the lease for the Achnacroish (Walters, Lismore East) fish farm.

2. Provide documentary records relevant to the associated public consultation exercise undertaken and responses received

3. Provide documentary records detailing the Crown Estate’s subsequent evaluation process and the deliberations, decision making and reasoning that led to the selection of the above site in favour of two other sites which were also proposed at the time.


Attached is the original lease application and the case file that contains records of the consulation and assessments. The redactions in ‘Black’ is related to feedback from other fish farm sites and is outside the scope of this request. The redactions in ‘Red’ is personal information; therefore, exception 11(2) contained in Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 is applied. Disclosing the names and other information (eg. Address and phone number) that can be used to identify a living individual would contravene Data Protection laws. It is in the public interest that Crown Estate Scotland perform it’s duties within governing legislation, which includes protecting the personal data of our tenants, employees and the general public.

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