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Our plan to tackle emissions and adapt to climate change

Today, we’ve published our first Climate Change Action Plan, which sets out how we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions – while working with our partners and stakeholders to reduce emissions across the Estate and Scotland as a whole.

We developed the plan after a change in the law last year, which added us to a list of public bodies that must report on our emissions to the Scottish Government. We’ll begin our monitoring in April 2021, and make our first report by November 2022.

Our plan commits us to:

  • Get an accurate picture of the emissions we’re responsible for
  • Develop a range of smaller plans about how we will decarbonise parts of our work, like our travel and the way we use our offices
  • Help offshore renewable energy projects to make progress, so that Scotland has big, new sources of clean energy
  • Reach zero direct emissions by 2040

You can read our full Climate Change Action Plan here.