Forestry asset profile

New suite of documents offer fresh insight into use of Scottish Crown Estate

18 May 2021

Crown Estate Scotland has published a suite of new Asset Profiles, which offer detailed summaries of the way different assets are used and the value they generate.

The profiles have been developed for 20 asset classes – essentially, the different ways that land, seabed, property and rights are used across the Estate - and include information on:

  • financial returns
  • the public benefits delivered through our management activities, and
  • our view of the opportunities for wider value creation.

Annie Breaden, Head of Policy at Crown Estate Scotland, said: “The Scottish Crown Estate Act 2019 requires us to manage the assets in a way that is likely to contribute to the promotion of improvement of economic development, regeneration, social wellbeing and environmental wellbeing.

“To do this, we need to understand the wider value delivered by the assets and our management activities. Over the last two years, we’ve worked with our own team and other experts to analyse that wider value – and to make our conclusions available in a form that is easy to understand and widely accessible.

“I’m really pleased that we can now publish the profiles - and I hope that they will prove useful to all audiences, from those who already work closely with some of the assets, to those who are simply curious about how we manage these resources to Scotland’s benefit.”

The Asset Profiles are available from today, on our Documents page and on the relevant asset pages, and will be updated each year. A further profile, covering a range of our other built assets, is currently in development.

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