A line of offshore wind turbines can be seen stretched across the horizon at sea. Two support vessels can be seen sailing close to them.

INTOG: Exclusivity Agreements signed for seven TOG offshore wind projects to help decarbonise the North Sea and support innovation

28 November 2023

Crown Estate Scotland has today confirmed that as part of the Innovation and Targeted Oil & Gas (INTOG) leasing round, seven TOG projects now have Exclusivity Agreements in place, meaning that they can move into the development stage. 

The seven TOG projects join the five Innovation projects which secured Exclusivity Agreements earlier this year, taking to 12 the total number of INTOG projects (from a total of thirteen agreements offered earlier this year).  

INTOG leasing - the world's first offshore wind leasing round of its type - aims to attract investment in innovative offshore wind projects in Scottish waters, as well as help decarbonise North Sea operations.    

The INTOG process allowed developers to apply for seabed rights to develop projects that either reduce emissions from the North Sea oil and gas sector - by supplying renewable electricity directly to oil and gas infrastructure (TOG) - or consist of small-scale (IN) innovative projects of 100MW or less.

The proposed projects are for up to 449 MW of capacity for IN and up to 5GW for TOG projects and are expected to present a significant supply chain investment opportunity in Scotland.

With Exclusivity Agreements now in place, the successful applicants can continue with offshore wind development work while the Marine Directorate of the Scottish Government's planning process for the INTOG Sectoral Marine Plan (INTOG SMP) is completed.

Combined, the 12 projects which have secured Exclusivity Agreements will pay up to £262 million in option fees. (Note: whilst Crown Estate Scotland will hold option fee monies until the agreements move from exclusivity to option, during the exclusivity period these monies are not available to Crown Estate Scotland).  

Further information including a map of INTOG seabed areas can be found here.  

INTOG applications were determined on a largely open-auction basis and were judged on a mixture of price and quality.  

To secure an option agreement, developers must satisfy a number of conditions, including providing a Supply Chain Development Statement (SCDS). Information from these Statements will then be published.  

Briefing: Innovation and Targeted Oil & Gas (INTOG) leasing

INTOG spatial data, on the Crown Estate Scotland Spatial Hub  

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