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258 - Floating Wind data estimates

09 February 2023


"In September 2018, Crown Estate Scotland published a report it had commissioned from ORE Catapult entitled “The Macroeconomic Benefits of Floating Offshore Wind in the UK” . The report is available online here":

  1. "Please provide any more up to date estimates for any (if possible, all) of the above estimated figures."
  2. "If Crown Estate Scotland does not have any more recent estimates, please disclose whether Crown Estate Scotland still regards the September 2018 estimates as reasonable."


1. The report referred to in your request for information is a report that Crown Estate Scotland commissioned from ORE Catapult (

We do not hold new comparable information to the cost estimates that were presented in table 4.1.1 of the 2018 report. EIRs exception 10(4)(a) – information not held, is applied.

Crown Estate Scotland have recently contributed funding towards the production of a new Guide to a Floating Offshore Wind Farm, which will contain a detailed cost estimate section. The production of this Guide is led by ORE Catapult and BVG Associates and publication is intended for spring 2023.

2. We don’t consider this part of your request as falling under FOISA legislation as it’s asking for an opinion rather than information.

Generally, should Crown EstateScotland need to rely on cost estimates of this type to inform our work in offshore renewables, particularly in new and emerging technologies, we would commission or source up-to-date analysis.


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