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252 - Invitation to Tender OCT 462996

12 January 2023


A copy of the successful submission for ITT OCT462996. Gain understanding of where the winning submission hit the mark.


Enclosed are the documents from the successful bid, along with our internal evaluation on the set criteria.

The redactions in 'Black' contain personal information as defined under the UK General Data Protection Regulations (UKGDPR), and the release of that information would contravene the first principle set out in the UKGDPR. Therefore exemption 38(1)(b) – personal data of a third party applies.

The redactions in 'Red' fall under FOISA 33(1)(b) – substantial prejudice to commercial interests.

The information contained include figures and strategies that are unique to this small business. Should this information be disclosed to the public, competitors would have the ability to copy such strategies or undercut their costs. This negatively affects a fair competition and would likely and substantially prejudice the commercial interest of this small business and their partners for future tenders and competitions (not necessarily with Crown Estate Scotland).

Withholding this specific information wouldn’t detriment the public’s interest, as the public are still gaining valuable insight on the process and Crown Estate Scotland’s selection.

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