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214 - ScotWind applicants using Scottish and UK seafarers

14 April 2022


Enquire whether any of the successful applicants have made a commitment to promote the use of Scottish and UK seafarers during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases of these projects?

For avoidance of doubt, this query specifically relates to qualified merchant seafarers employed in the safe navigation and operation of the ship. 


Crown Estate Scotland did not include a requirement for applicants to specify the types of workers that will be used during the construction, operation, and decommissioning phase of their projects. Following an analysis of the Supply Chain Development Statements (SCDSs), none of the applicants have specifically mentioned the use of Scottish/UK Seafarers.

As such, in terms of Section 17(1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, this represents a notice that the information requested is not held by Crown Estate Scotland.

Please note, Crown Estate Scotland expects all companies associated with delivering contracts for offshore wind developments in Scotland to be complying with all relevant legislation, including employment law.

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