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213 - Revenues from Salmon farm leases (5 years)

07 April 2022


Please provide details of the revenues received by you from salmon farm leases over the last 5 years.


Please see below salmon fish revenue for the past 5 years.

Production Year Total Revenue Due to TCE Due to CES
2017 4,666,868.89 1,153,439.79 3,513,429.10
2018 3,937,187.76   3,937,187.76
2019 5,040,764.65   5,040,764.65
2020 4,592,434.04   4,592,434.04
2021 5,321,079.85   5,321,079.85
Total 23,558,335.19 1,153,439.79 22,404,895.40


‘Production year’ refers to the calendar year – January – December.

‘Total Revenue’ is the total amount invoiced by Crown Estate Scotland.

‘Due to TCE’ refers to the amount due to ‘The Crown Estate’ and not recognised as income by Crown Estate Scotland.

‘Due to CES’ refers to the amount due to Crown Estate Scotland and recognised as income.

Following devolution in 2017, Crown Estate Scotland was formed as a separate organisation to The Crown Estate meaning anything prior to 01 April 2017 is due to The Crown Estate and not to Crown Estate Scotland.

As the production year runs from January to December and the financial year runs from April to March, the first quarter of the calendar year (Jan – Mar) of production year 2017 was due to The Crown Estate and therefore reduces the income Crown Estate Scotland can recognise.

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