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206 - Fish Farm Lease

02 March 2022


Some years ago I obtained a copy of your standard form of fish farm lease, a file entitled "CES Salmon Lease with Planning Consent", document RC2-74-9, which is annexed. I shall be grateful if you will confirm that this is still the current version of this document.


 I can confirm that this is still the current version of our standard fish farm lease.

The only change is to the wording on page 25, where it now states, “Quarterly Rent Payment Dates” as opposed to “Quarterly Payment Dates”, and this is added to the Definitions and Interpretations on page 2.

Additionally, we have just completed the review referenced in the lease – it will be implemented in January 2023 now rather than January 2022 as indicated in the document as a result of Covid induced delays. The recommendations for revised terms that will be adopted can be found on our website -

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