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23 February 2022


I have followed the ScotWind first round of Offshore Wind Leasing ( I am enquiring on the possibility under the Freedom of Information Act, although I am not a developer, to have access to the developers information and the downloads sections, as mentioned in the webpage abovementioned. 

The objective of the request is to have detailed information on the terms and conditions for participation and rules and conditions of the auction. I believe those developers resources contain those information, do not contain any confidential information and are generally suitable for general publication (as it happens for instance for other auctions like the Contract for Difference Allocation Round 4 where those details are published). 

Thank you very much for your help. I would be happy to receive them in electronic format. I believe it is likely that you have those documents readily available but if this is not the case please accept my apologies for any disruption that this request might create to your work.  


Please find the requested documents attached in a zip file.  

This includes:  

ScotWind Leasing Cable Corridor OFTO Lease 

ScotWind Lesing Cable Corridor OFTO Option Agreement 

ScotWind Leasing Guidance Notes April 2021 Issue 

ScotWind Model Form Lease 

ScotWind Leasing Model Option Agreement 3 June 2021 

ScotWind Leasing Offer Document April 2021 

The documents in the downloads section are available on our website on the right hand side of this webpage:

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