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195 - Property, Fochabers

01 February 2022


To whom it may concern, we are presently considering purchasing a property in the vicinity of Upper Dallachy, Fochabers, Moray. In 2013, Crown Estates were given approval in principal to develop an adjacent site and this comprised of 6 houses with associated roads. Moray Council 12/00764/PPP serves as a reference. It appears that the development has not yet gone ahead and this request is for information in respect of:

  1. Has the development been initiated and what is the current intent of the Crown Estates
  2. Has the development been cancelled and if so what is the reason for this
  3. Does the Crown estate possess any information, pertinent to this development, in respect of land contamination of the proposed site
  4. Can Crown Estates make available such information in relation to a), b), c)



  1. Attempts were made to initiate development in 2013 but received no interest from the market. CES intend to utilise this area of ground for agricultural purpose whilst considering the potential for development at every change of tenancy. If it is felt that there is scope to develop and there is renewed demand from the market then this would be considered. It is felt this area has ‘medium term’ development potential.
  2. The planning permission has now lapsed following attempts to market the site.
  3. This information would have likely been considered at the time of the application in 2013 but no information relating to land contamination is held on file.

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