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Hywind illustration; Accredit Statoil

Statoil - world’s first floating offshore wind farm

Our team worked closely with Statoil to put in place a seabed lease for their Hywind II project.

When it’s complete in 2017, Hywind II off the coast of Aberdeenshire will comprise five 6MW turbines, deployed in deeper water than any previous offshore wind turbines in UK waters.

Rather than using fixed foundations, Hywind II turbines will consist of a floating steel tube filled with ballast, which is fastened to the seabed. The project builds on the success of Hywind I: the construction and operation of the world’s first full-scale floating wind turbine off the Norwegian Coast in 2009.

Floating wind technology has huge global potential and we are working to encourage projects in Scottish waters. This in turn will help consolidate Scotland’s position as a global leader in offshore renewables and advance cost reduction techniques that will benefit the whole sector – and consumers.