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ScotWind Leasing

ScotWind Leasing

We are delighted to launch the first cycle of ScotWind Leasing, the first round of seabed leasing for offshore windfarms in Scottish waters for a decade. Crown Estate Scotland is committed to helping Scotland achieve its net-zero emissions target by 2045 through our role as manager of Scotland’s seabed.

The primary purpose of ScotWind Leasing is to grant property rights for seabed in Scottish waters for new commercial scale offshore wind project development, in a way that is fair and transparent. In doing so, ScotWind Leasing will provide certainty and clarity for those seeking to lease seabed in Scottish waters, encouraging the low-carbon energy generation needed to meet the world-leading targets committed to in The Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019.

For more details, please read our launch summary document.


Please send any questions or queries relating to ScotWind Leasing to


Applicants to ScotWind Leasing must register on our application portal where the full documentation is available.

The portal is open for applications from 0600 BST 10 June 2020. For guidance on how to register for and use the portal, please watch the video below.

Using the ScotWind portal from Crown Estate Scotland on Vimeo.

Using the ScotWind portal

Supply Chain Development Statement Engagement Document

ScotWind Leasing will include the requirement for a Supply Chain Development Statement (SCDS), the detail of which is being developed.

We have published an engagement document on the SCDS to share the details and invite feedback from interested parties on prior to the SCDS being finalised.

The final ScotWind Leasing documents, including those relating to the SCDS, will be set out in the Post-adoption Addendum to ScotWind Leasing which will be published after Scottish Government’s Sectoral Marine Plan (SMP) for Offshore Wind Energy is finalised and Adopted.

We are inviting written responses to the questions in the engagement document. Please submit responses to by close of business 29 July 2020. Further details on how to response can be found in the engagement document.