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Applying for and managing your lease

All marine fish farms require planning permission from the relevant local authority. Where the foreshore / seabed is Crown owned, a lease from us is also required.

An application for a fish farming lease can be made at any time. If statutory consent (including planning permission) has not yet been obtained, then a lease-option will be offered.

Aquaculture operations in marine waters may also require a marine licence from Marine Scotland and authorisation under the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2005 from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

We encourage applicants for a lease or lease option to contact us prior to applying to check on the availability of the location. We also recommend that applicants discuss their proposals with statutory authorities and others who are likely to be involved in or affected by the development.

To apply for a Crown Estate Scotland lease to farm finfish or shellfish:

Contact or

Download our application forms and guidance notes below.

Application forms and guidance notes

Renunciation and assignation of lease

Tenants wishing to renounce a lease must complete a renunciation form and submit it to us (please see downloadable renunciation templates below). If a tenant wishes to transfer the tenancy to another party, as part of the sale of the business for example, this can be achieved through assignation of the lease.

Renunciation letter templates

Decommissioning and removal of deployed equipment

At the end of the lease, all equipment associated with the fish farm including moorings must be completely removed. We can request a seabed survey to confirm that removals have taken place.