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As well as managing leasing of the seabed out to 12 nautical miles, we also hold the rights to offshore renewable energy and carbon and gas storage out to 200 nautical miles from the shore.

Within the 12 nautical mile limit, we award and manage leases for telecommunication and electricity cables, oil and gas pipelines, offshore renewable energy projects, fish farms and ports & harbours.

We also issue consents for short-term activities that impact the foreshore or seabed, such as site surveys. These are called marine works.

Crown Estate Scotland is focused on helping build strong, sustainable marine industries - including offshore renewables - that will deliver economic benefits for Scotland.

Crown Estate Scotland

  • Works with developers as they navigate through pre-planning and consenting to construction and operation
  • Leverages sector expertise (in planning, consenting, finance, commercial, legal, and environmental) to ensure the seabed is developed sustainably
  • Shares best practice to help emerging technologies become viable, from floating wind to tidal stream, and to address challenges facing new industries
  • Works with investors, developers and partners to build confidence and help make projects more competitive
  • Continues to work with partners to build the Carbon Capture & Storage sector (see details of previous publications and projects here).