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Helping communities manage land and property

Our new local pilots scheme has been designed to encourage local authorities, development trusts and other bodies to manage Scottish Crown Estate land and property in their local area.

We hope that this scheme – and the projects that emerge from it – will enable us to work with others to test different methods of managing assets, empowering communities and giving people more say in decisions that impact the land, coastline and sea near where they live. We are keen to hear of innovative proposals that will win the support of local people including, importantly, existing tenants, and that will use Scottish Crown Estate assets to enhance sustainable development

One size will not fit all. We welcome proposals offering management at different scales, in varying geographical locations and utilising a range of assets. Some applicants may wish to take on full delegated management with all the duties, obligations and administration that entails, whilst others will prefer enhanced local decision-making without taking on the burden of full management. 

Following engagement and consultation with community organisations, local authorities and others on the structure and design of the scheme (see here for a summary of consultation responses), the Stage One application process opened on 20 June and closed on 16 August 2018. We are pleased to announce that at Stage 1 we have received 13 applications for local management pilot projects. Please see here to learn which organisations applied at Stage 1 and for information on next steps.

Please read our Local Pilots Scheme Privacy Notice here.